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5750 W Thunderbird Rd F600, Glendale, AZ 85306
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I would just like to say how amazing the entire staff is.Everybody that I have come in contact with has just been awesome.
Tamara Farella, on Google+
They are AWESOME!!! Highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with hearing. Very professional. friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Work with you to find the best hearing aids for your budget. They will make house calls too!! So happy we found them. Highly recommend them to anyone!!
Peggy Driver, on Google+
I am so grateful to Dan and the staff. This is the first office where my hearing was tested with and without my "old" hearing aides at my initial visit. NO ONE had ever tested me WITH my hearing aides to find out if they were actually making a difference. I now have in canal aides and they are the best I have ever had. I went through an adjustment period because I was hearing SO MANY sounds I hadn't hear for a long time. Dan and the entire staff were so patient and encouraging. They are always pleasant. I tell everyone who mentions a hearing issue about Ascent Audiology . I don't think you'll find a more reputable office.
Rebecca Ihori, on Google+
Happy Days are here again thanks to Dan and Ascent Audiology. I'm a long time user of hearing aids starting with an understanding helpful audiologist who retired . The new owners seemed not to care about their patient. I wore their hearing aids for two years, unhappy every day . Dan and his associates have given me back the joy I had in my very first hearing aids.
Camille Shepard, on Google+
Very professional, real audiologists on board, through ear cleaning. I was very happy and impressed with their services. Front desk staff very friendly and they made me feel welcomed. However, the company that makes their hearing aids, lead me to wonder.what is really going on, defective aids had to return mines at least 3 times, each time the aid still not working..update finally got an "working hearing aid from Starkey" thanks!
Cornelia Johnson, on Google+

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